AttributeMagic Standard 2.4.2 Free download

AttributeMagic Standard 2.4.2

  • Publisher:Elwinsoft
  • Version:2.4.2
  • Operation System:Windows Me
  • License:Free to try
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AttributeMagic Standard 2.4.2Description

AttributeMagic Standard is an utility for changing file and folder date/time stamps and attributes en masse. You can set or reset individual attributes, Accessed, Modified and Created dates.
The user can create custom templates for frequently used operations or custom filters to be applied to process certain items.
Main features:

  • change dates and times (Created, Modified, Accessed) of files and folders:

  • set date-time to certain value;

  • increment/decrement date-time;

  • date-time masking;

  • set Created Date=Modified Date or Modified Date=Created Date etc.

  • change attributes of files and folders;

  • process one file, folder or a group of files, folders, subfolders;

  • recursive operations: process whole directory tree (or certain branch);

  • print folder contents;

  • powerful custom filters to selectively stamp certain files or folders;

  • custom templates

  • preview result mode

  • error reporting

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